Wild Science brings to your event a 4000 sq. ft. family attraction, which is free to the public, and consists of dozens of highly interactive and entertaining exhibits and activities.  Kids and adults get to use their hands and minds to explore the amazing world of science and technology.

The attraction has proven to be extremely popular with families, schools and your local media.  For example, the California State Fair, which brought us into their event three years in a row, conducted exit surveys which showed that Wild Science was both the most highly attended attraction and the highest rated attraction on their grounds.  The attraction was also featured 14 times on live television spots during its three weeks, which of course made Chevron, their sponsor, very happy.

An excursion into the wild and amazing world of science through dozens of highly interactive, fun, and visually captivating displays and activities.

The "Wild Science!" attraction was created so that families and children could experience the mysterious and entertaining aspects of science & technology in a casual environment without having to sift through facts and information.  Learning occurs through hands-on interaction with the various exhibits, rather than through signage and information.

Adults, as well as children, have great fun participating in activities such as manipulating the robotic arm, creating man-sized soap bubbles, using radar to measure their pitching speed, taking the "sense of smell" challenge, dancing in the "wall of light", creating high-tech music, exploring the "Rube Goldberg" machine, and much more.  Schools bring their classes so that their students can use their own senses to gain an appreciation for the wonders of science.  Sponsors and media outlets are drawn to the attraction by all of the activity, excitement, and learning taking place.

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